A Community Foundation by and for the Community

The volunteer members of the Board of the Shorewood Foundation are all people who love Shorewood, collectively providing many years of service to the community and much energy to the work of the Foundation.

The Foundation is steward of the many generous gifts given to help make Shorewood the place we love to live. We are thankful for Bill Benjamin's million-dollar gift on behalf of the Senior Resource Center and for our neighbor's $25 gift on behalf of the Family Day fireworks. No matter the size of the donation, it's given from your heart for our home, and every gift makes Shorewood better. For us, Shorewood isn't just a place on a map. It's a place in our hearts, and one we treasure.

Our volunteer Board members each make a strong personal commitment to the Foundation and its principals. You can download and read the Shorewood Foundation Annual Personal Commitment Form by clicking here.

 areas of focus

Celebrate Shorewood's unique culture, values and beauty ensuring that it remains a special place to live, work and visit.

Connect our community in keeping with the village’s neighborly spirit while enhancing health, wellness and quality of life.

Sustain Shorewood’s history, charm and civic pride and safeguard its cherished green spaces and parks.


We are delighted to welcome new Board of Director members. Interested in applying? Download and submit an application.

Please click here to enjoy this great feature on the Foundation in Shorewood Today, and click here to see the Foundation featured in Bayside NOW.

2018-2019 Board

Many thanks to our wonderful Board Members for their hard work and dedication to our community.

Jennifer Anderson
Alicia Domack
Marion Gottschalk
Therese Heeg
Steve Kavalauskas
Sadhna Lindvall
Katie Lott
Mary McCormick
Thad Nation
Alan Purintun
Mike Peden
Matt Simon
Rose Spano Iannelli-President
Saj Thachenkary
Ben Uphoff