Big fish or small-all are welcome to participate in the Shorewood Foundation’s Shark Tank Challenge

Big fish or small-all are welcome to participate in the Shorewood Foundation’s Shark Tank Challenge

Shorewood Foundation Shark Tank Challenge
Sept 24, 2018 7-9 PM Three Lions Pub

The Shorewood Foundation hosted its first Shark Tank Challenge to give residents a chance in an open forum to present their ideas for projects they believe the Foundation should fund. The event aimed to solicit possible grant opportunities for projects that align with the the Foundation’s stated objectives to increase the quality of life in the Village.

Here’s how Shorewood Foundation Shark Tank Worked:

Individuals or organizations presented ideas to a panel of Foundation directors that included:

  • A summary of their proposed project

  • How the proposed concept aligns with the Shorewood Foundation’s objectives to celebrate, connect and sustain the community

  • How much money is being requested

  • How grant dollars would be used, if provided.

The results are in and we are delighted to announce the three recipients of Foundation grants.

1) Shorewood Historical Society: $3,500 to transform their office in the Village Center into a public resource center for Shorewood residents. The grant will pay for the necessary office equipment and electronics to allow visitors to research the history of the Village and their individual homes in one easily-accessible space. 
2) BID/Shorewood Farmers Market: $5,000
to sponsor a multi-block fall harvest "Feast" that would would include local food, music, family activities, and cultural programs.
3) Lake Bluff Ice Captains: $5,000 for reusable sideboards for the ice rink at Lake Bluff. These boards would make set-up of the rink quicker and easier, more water efficient and would provide a better quality of ice. 

There were additional proposals from the Shark Tank Challenge that are being developed further, and we will announce any additional grants as they are given.

Thank you for everyone who participated in this fun event!