The Shorewood Foundation

Using the Community's donations to make our village better

Since 1964, the Shorewood Foundation has provided a way for Shorewood residents and friends to support the community's institutions, facilities, and services. Your contributions enhance the character and quality of life in our village by offering financial support for hundreds of community projects, both large and small.

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Reasons to donate:

• All gifts remain in Shorewood and directly benefit Shorewood residents.
• No administration costs are deducted from gifts and the Foundation is coordinated by a volunteer board.
• We offer a convenient and flexible vehicle for you to make a difference in your community.
• Your gift offers a tax advantage under Wisconsin and federal law.
• Gift impact is increased by combining your donation with other larger gifts and grants.
• The Foundation has an established structure to build and manage your endowment gift that benefits the community and sustains quality for future generations.
• We have built a volunteer board which includes the expertise of our finance committee to provide oversight of our investments.
• We provide donors and residents with full transparency. We invite you to review our IRS 990 forms and other financial information.